Welcome to my first blog post!

My name is Donna Mitchell and I’m a Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in English Literature at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick.

I completed my PhD in Gothic literature back in 2014 so I’ve been researching female identity in Gothic narratives for the last few years and have been meaning to start a blog for quite some time. My latest work examines the Gothic doll and I’m writing a few papers on just that at the moment so I’m guessing that my first few posts will allude to them. I’ll also post the odd #cfp for my fellow academics.

When I’m not reading for research or reviewing purposes I like to choose books on women writers and/or their work, and I’m slowly building up a little library for myself. I was very lucky to teach a module on Women’s Poetry this semester so I spent a lot of time looking at Sylvia Plath and Margaret Atwood, and have promised myself to read more of their work during the summer months.

I’m a strong supporter of #ReadWomen so any suggestions of blogs that refer to that hashtag or subject matter are most welcome.

I look forward to sharing my posts and hope you’ll enjoy them.



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